And the winner is?......

The winner of a search for my 100th fan on Facebook was this sweet family from Annandale, Virginia. It could have been anywhere and I was prepared to use my airline miles to take the trip, but in the end I didn't need to go far to capture this adorable little girl and her very nice family, so nice to meet you. Baby Avery just turned 1 recently and she sure had a lot to say. Such a great age and those cheeks ahhhhh so so cute!

Village Sweet, Arlington Virginia

Such a hidden gem of a bakery tucked away in the Westover neighborhood of Arlington. Here they serve up the most delicious artisan baked goods such as seasonal cherry blossom cookies, made fresh daily and almost too beautiful to eat! If you are looking for ideas for your child's next birthday party, they even host cookie and cupcake decorating parties in their cozy space. One rainy/snowy morning last week I stopped in and had the chance to meet the talented baker who makes everything taste amazing, Dawn Hart, along with her friendly business manager, Brenda Nardone. Portraits made with Ilford Delta 3200 medium format film.


Mother and Daughter Photography Session, Northern Virginia Family Photographer

One warm November day, a few months back, I had the pleasure to work with this beautiful mom and daughter out in the open Virginia fields, away from city lights where the sky is always golden on a crisp clear autumn evening. This was going to be a surprise gift for her husband and father to their teenage daughter. It was a chance to play dress up and have some fun, creating a something special to look back on through the years. The beginning of the teen years is a significant time to capture your child in portraits as they grow so much until age 18, before they leave the nest. As you can imagine, Maroon 5 was playing at their gallery viewing, fun fun! Ah the teen years.

Family Photography Session on Film

Last fall I took part in a Yan Fam workshop, a great a film photography workshop which was hosted by our model family in Fairfax, Virginia. I was excited to push myself into uncomfortable territory, learning to make pictures on my unfamiliar medium format camera. It pushed me to slow down and carefully compose each frame that I made before pushing the shutter, with only 16 pictures per roll of film! Something I had completely lost in the digital world when each memory card can hold approximately 200 high resolution files. Here, shot on black and white kodak medium format film, here is what came of it......

Family Photography Session in Olney, Maryland

Family Portraits in Olney, Maryland

I have only recently taken up blogging again and mainly to share what a session with GW Studios looks like. The galleries are where I post my best work from various sessions however here, I can share all the goodness from each session. I traveled up to Olney, Maryland for this family session. Yes sometimes us Virginians will cross the pond (Potomac River), into Maryland from time to time! This was an early spring session from last year with a mom and her tween to teenage children. She is from Iceland and her children are half Icelandic, half American. We've become friends through the past few years and it was nice to photograph them behind my lens, near their home where the open fields are everywhere you turn. It may not be Iceland, but this area had charm. Takk og njóta


"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." -Martin Luther King, jr.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter."

-Martin Luther King, jr.

With the inauguration only days away and living very close to the nation's capital, I felt motivated to go down to the majestic Martin Luther King Jr. statue in Washington, DC. on MLK day, with a heightened need to feel a sense of solidarity. My initial intent was to photograph just the statue but when I got there I could feel an overflowing sense of unity. Surrounded by poignant and inspiring messages inscribed into stone, this turned into a beautiful project capturing that reflection in the faces of all that participated. I needed today, a day of inspiring hope, surrounded by those that felt the same. I hope to pass on that inspiring message through this project. A big Thank You to those who participated, pictured here.


Good morning sunshine. Baby Photography Session in Arlington, Virginia

Good Morning Sunshine / Baby Photography Session in Arlington, Virginia

This happy little guy was very careful with his cheerios of which received a fair amount of his attention and provided the necessary toddler-fuel to get things done! As you can see here when he wasn't occupied with his beloved cheerios, there was loads of eye contact as he was just as curious about me and my camera. I think he may already know this but he has the deepest of big blue baby eyes!